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CS8100 3D: Deposit

  • £50000

A multi-benefit, multi-functional x-ray system, the simple and affordable 2d/3d imaging system you’ve been waiting for. 

The CS 8100 3D puts the advantages of 2D and 3D imaging in the reach of the general practitioner, periodontist, endodontist and other specialists of practices large and small. Every single feature has been revamped and redefined to remove the obstacles of moving to 2D/3D imaging, making it more powerful, user-friendly and affordable. This system offers your practice four main benefits: the versatility of a multi-functional system with the potential to expand your services; the convenience of seamless exams for both dentists and patients with complexity removed; the high image precision you require to meet all dental needs for a more accurate diagnosis; and great accessibility in terms of affordability, sharing and ease of integration.


  • Selectable fields of view and versatile programs
  • Highly detailed images with up to 75 μm resolution 
  • Intuitive and comfortable patient placement
  • Fast acquisition and low dose
  • The new standard of care, now even more affordable


3D imaging can enhance the standard of care for end- odontics, implants, oral surgery and daily procedures of the general practice. Selectable fields of view give you what you need for a faster, more accurate, task-specific diagnosis. You are able to obtain your desired image while controlling image size, resolution, region of interest and dose. In terms of dose, the safety of the patient is always the highest priority.

Universal field of view
(5 cm x 5 cm) is preferred as the ideal compromise between image size and dose without capturing unnecessary information (i.e. local pathology, single implant, endodontic).

Paediatric mode
(4 cm x 4 cm) is used for paediatric or follow-up exams with approximately 50% less dose than 5 cm x 5 cm exams

Endo HD mode (5 cm x 5 cm)
delivers extremely high resolution scans (75 μm) in order to see the smallest details of root and canal morphology

Single jaw mode (8 cm x 5 cm)
captures one arch and is ideal for cases involving a larger area (i.e. implant planning with surgical guide creation, oral surgery, larger disorders)

Dual jaw mode (8 cm x 9 cm)
captures both dental arches and is ideal for cases involving both the maxilla and the mandible (i.e. implant planning with surgical guide creation, oral surgery, larger disorders)

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