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Carestream RVG Digital X-ray Sensor Size #1

  • £4,91880

Proven RVG technology. Established reliability.

Since every diagnosis starts with an image, your sensor has an important role to play in your practice. It needs to produce high-quality images that enable you to diagnose with confidence. It should simplify image acquisition and not complicate your workflow. Your sensor has to be comfortable so your patients can tolerate the imaging experience in the first place.

The RVG 5200 is the simple, yet affordable, sensor that you can rely on to meet these expectations and provide high diagnostic capabilities and workflow efficiencies. Plus, it integrates with most imaging and dental practice management software to streamline the way you practice.

Position. Expose. View.

Because it’s designed without a control box, the workflow for the
RVG 5200 is as simple as position, expose, and view. There’s no need to arm the sensor or open the image acquisition interface to capture an image. The RVG 5200 is always ready to acquire images when you are.

A great first step into digital.

There’s no sacrifice between image quality and affordability. You
can optimize your images effortlessly with three pre-programmed enhancement filters: perio-, endo- and dentin-enamel junction. And the system’s easy-to-use sharpness slider bar allows you to customize image appearance according to your needs.

  • Enjoy images of the same or higher quality than those produced by other sensors on the market.
  • Optimize image contrast according to your diagnostic needs, thanks to pre-programmed enhancement filters.
  • Ensure proper placement and patient comfort thanks to included positioners and a thinner cable.
  • Use your RVG 5200 immediately with a streamlined installation and verification process.
  • Count on Carestream Dental’s decades of experience plus a durable, waterproof design for performance you can count on.
  • Take the complexity out of your workflow when all you have to do is: position, expose and view.

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